Winter Art Fair Off the Square & Art in the Wright Place

So … many … art fairs this coming month…

I love the local art fair scene, it’s all kinds of awesome, but I haven’t been able to do as much art as I would have liked in the past month so my plan of having many back-up and smaller items hasn’t really happened. I’m working on some ornaments this week though – curious to see how they go.

Art Fair #1: Winter Art Fair Off the Square

Held at the Monona Terrace on October 9 & 10 ( I’ve got some postcards that will give you $1 off entrance fee if you need one! Over 130 artists, in so many different media. I was at this fair last year, which was great and a little intimidating in terms of size, but I’ve always loved shopping here for the holidays when I wasn’t actually in the fair. (It’s hard to shop when you have a booth, but I’m dedicated, so I make it happen).

Art Fair #2: Art in the Wright Place

My personal favourite of the fairs … maybe it’s because it was the first one I ever did, maybe it’s the setting in a Frank Lloyd Wright building, maybe it’s the chill atmosphere and just hands down lovely people organizing. It’s smaller (45 artists) but really high quality arts and crafts. I love this fair. Also, I get to be booth buddies with the talented Andrea Mason who’s been doing some awesome things with a laser cutter lately, so it’s basically just hanging out with a friend and talking about art with people who come by at the First Unitarian Society. Plus it’s free to get in, and they have a raffle, and a bake sale. November 23 & 24th (

Come and visit me at either place 🙂 I should have some new art to check out!

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