T minus 5 days

Steven’s Point Art Festival is this coming weekend!  Excited to head up there again – it was such a great show last year – lots of people, fantastic organizational crew and amazing art.  I’m scrambling a bit with finishing off some new art and uploading it to the website, and there’s always pieces I think aren’t done yet, but excited all the same.

Stevens Point Art Festival

I’m headed to Stevens Point on April 7th, for their 47th Annual Stevens Point Art Festival.  I went last year through a last minute cancellation, and it was fantastic – what a great crowd of people and the other artists were amazing!  Looking forward to another year.  This time I’m up on the 2nd floor, which should be fun!  I’ll have to trial the new wall configuration in the garage, so I’m happy it’s going to be warm next week 🙂

WRAP workshop


I dropped off a couple encaustics this weekend at the WRAP (Wisconsin Regional Artist Program) show at the Pyle Center.  If you’re on campus  this month, head over to to check out the great mix of art by local artists – it’s always fun to see what people are working on!  This being my first year there, I now realize that showing up early means you get to pick a spot on the first floor (that’s really well lit).  I’m on the second floor – strategically located so that you can look at my art just as you come out of the bathroom 🙂

I’m looking forward to the workshop in early April, where the guest speaker is Bobette Rose – who works in Encaustics!!  Happy coincidence!

February 2019

This month I’ve been spending more time working on art, which has been great after being so busy over the holidays.  Upcoming events over the next few weeks:

  • Feb 10th (2pm), come check out a little art show at the DePauw Schoolhouse – Hearts & Crafts – super adorable location on the way to Cross Plains and a great way to spend a potentially grey winter afternoon!
  • Month of Feb – The Wisconsin Regional Artists Association is showing some art at the UW hospital.  There’s some great art there by a mix of people and I’ve got a couple large oil paintings in the mix.

I also just started working on my Instagram profile…check out https://www.instagram.com/wanderingwaterstudio/

In the field