So many fairs, so little time for website

It’s been a hectic year for me, with so many more art fairs than I usually do in a year. I’ve gone from art fair, to other work, to art fair, to other work, with a couple snuck-in vacations, plus some art represented in a gallery (Woodland Studios). On the upside – I’ve now stepped down from one of my other jobs, which has made more time for art! Yay!

All of this has meant I’ve not updated this website like I should have. So be it. I’ve got one more art fair this calendar year, and then I’ll get to re-assess where to go next year (and how many fairs). It’s been a fascinating transition to becoming a more professional artist.

But…in the meantime, I’ve updated the ‘art for sale’ page, dropped new art off at Woodland Studios, and I’ve got one more in-person art fair at MMoCA on Dec 3/4 from 11am – 5 pm in downtown Madison. Hop by and visit either online or in-person!