February 2022

After a bit of a break from art fairs due to the pandemic, I started back up last summer (with Art Fair Off the Square on a beautiful summer weekend), and spent the fall and early winter getting back to some art-making and exploration. Lots of birds and water for the most part, but some new subject matter got thrown in there. I also had my first booth at Olbrich Gardens fair this month, which was lovely (I love that place).

Coming up in April…Art in the Wright Place is having a spring art fair this year on April 9 & 10th (http://fusmadison.org/artfair/). Come visit me there if you’re in town!

Pandemic Year

It’s been an challenging year in many ways, but on a personal level our family has been doing ok given the circumstances, for which I’m thankful. We’re healthy and not too sick of each other. You’d think a year of enforced staying at home would increase the amount of art-making time, but it hasn’t really turned out that way. Too many other challenges and no art fairs to cause mass panic art-production. The last few months I have been able to get back to encaustics a bit, and have started a ‘100 days of art’ challenge, which is nudging me back into painting and sketching. I’m trying to branch out and do some ‘themes’ (I know, crazy, right?) instead of flitting so much about. Some days I stick to it and some days not. Two themes I’ve got going are “Birds” and “Bird’s Eye Views” at the moment, so thought I’d post a few pics.

New Year

I feel like I should be composing a Catholic confession statement ‘Excuse me website, it’s been 3 months since my last update’. Except I’m not Catholic, so…

It has been a while though. No art fairs to write about, and sadly not much in the way of actual art time. I did just take pictures of much of the art I did last fall and early winter, when it was super busy, so that’s progress. It also meant that I remembered starting a new series with driftwood, which will require me to go beach comb this summer. Yay!

Winter Art Fair Off the Square & Art in the Wright Place

So … many … art fairs this coming month…

I love the local art fair scene, it’s all kinds of awesome, but I haven’t been able to do as much art as I would have liked in the past month so my plan of having many back-up and smaller items hasn’t really happened. I’m working on some ornaments this week though – curious to see how they go.

Art Fair #1: Winter Art Fair Off the Square

Held at the Monona Terrace on October 9 & 10 (http://www.artcraftwis.org/winter-art-fair-off-the-square.html). I’ve got some postcards that will give you $1 off entrance fee if you need one! Over 130 artists, in so many different media. I was at this fair last year, which was great and a little intimidating in terms of size, but I’ve always loved shopping here for the holidays when I wasn’t actually in the fair. (It’s hard to shop when you have a booth, but I’m dedicated, so I make it happen).

Art Fair #2: Art in the Wright Place

My personal favourite of the fairs … maybe it’s because it was the first one I ever did, maybe it’s the setting in a Frank Lloyd Wright building, maybe it’s the chill atmosphere and just hands down lovely people organizing. It’s smaller (45 artists) but really high quality arts and crafts. I love this fair. Also, I get to be booth buddies with the talented Andrea Mason who’s been doing some awesome things with a laser cutter lately, so it’s basically just hanging out with a friend and talking about art with people who come by at the First Unitarian Society. Plus it’s free to get in, and they have a raffle, and a bake sale. November 23 & 24th (https://fusmadison.org/artfair/).

Come and visit me at either place 🙂 I should have some new art to check out!

DABL and Art workshops

I’ve been taking part in art workshops the last couple of weeks, organized and sponsored by Dane Arts Buy Local, which has been pretty awesome. The first one was about leveraging social media as an artist, and the last one was about demystifying the grant writing process and I can say I’ve done very little in either area, other than making a few Instagram posts. But they’ve been super useful, so I’m looking forward to the next couple Wednesday workshops.

I’m also excited to have gotten into the upcoming DABL Fifth Annual Art Market this October 18th & 19th, at Yahara Bay Distillery. It’s designed to connect businesses with artists, and I’m not fully sure what to expect. There are some amazing artists who are going to be there though, so should be fun. Be sure to drop by if you’re in the area!